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About Cyprus :

The mystique of Cyprus is rooted in both its legendary beauty and millennia of competing empires, all unable to resist the islands strategic allure. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and its rich history has given it a truly distinctive character. The abundence of copper put Cyprus on the map, In the late Bronze age Mycenaean Greeks settled on Cyprus and established trade links with Cyprus and the Aegean Islands. This is also the period when ceramic art flourished.

Marc Anthony enraptured by the islands sweet wines, gave Cyprus as a gift to his lover Cleopatra. After a long period of Byzantine domination, European awareness of Cyprus surged with the Crusades. In 1191 Richard the Lionheart put his ship port due to a fierce storm and claimed the island as his own. From 1489 to 1571 the flag of venice flew in Cyprus, until the Ottoman Turks moved in. In 1878 Cyprus became part of the British Empire.

Within the new era the island manages to combine the ancient and the new tradition, creating a rich cultural place to visit. The population of Cyprus is approximately 800,000. The main language is Greek, however most people speak English.

Cyprus is known as the place where the sun never stops shining. All over the years and in all seasons, visitors are always welcomed by the warm sunshine. Of course this country also has its rainy days there are also areas that have snow during the winter especially high on the Troodos mountains.

Another reason why so many travelers choose to visit Cyprus is because it is famous for its beautiful nature. During your visit here, you would be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the great sea views, sandy beaches, and also the exotic flora and fauna. There also many kinds of activities that you can do here. On the beach, you can sunbathe or do some water sports, or you can go to town to visit the museums, art galleries, and archeological sites.

As a country that is also known as the Island of Venus, Cyprus really gives you a great opportunity for a wonderful holiday.



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